Mads Lange Forgotten Treasures (E book)


Mads Johansen Lange (1807-1856) was the most influential person that made Bali prosper during the mid 19th century. In order to receive favorable treatment and procure lucrative trade deals, he presented the kings of Bali with luxury goods. His philosophy was to unite and share rather than divide and conquer, so he treated all his relationships equally within the social-political system of the time.

Lange strived to have peace maintained in Bali for his business to succeed and for the welfare of the inhabitants. The prosperity is evident in the luxury goods that he presented to his contacts, from valuable daggers with gold and precious gems, to elaborate temple sculptures, to fancy carved cabinets.

Lange branded these gifts with his name, many with an image of his face or important scenes from his life. Portrait figures done in an unusual and animated style illustrate important events, from befriending royalty, to playful interactions with his wives, to negotiating peace treaties between the Balinese and the Dutch. Those who are closely or remotely familiar with Lange’s role in Balinese history will be fascinated by these artifacts as they increase the interest and understanding of him as a human being. These gifts remained hidden in palaces, temples, and caves across the island for nearly 200 years. This unique collection was made possible through the untiring efforts of a fellow Dane, Peter Bloch.

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