Mads Lange The Bali Trader and Peacemaker


In the introduction to this Book about Mads Johansen Lange of Bali, the book’s Bali-based creators say that what has already been written as actual historical facts about Lange “is enough to take us back to a time of pirate-filled seas, war plotting rajahs, colonial despots, and acts of heroic altruism and candor. It is a series of stories with a cast of characters so interesting and bizarre that even a jaded novelist would have difficulty dreaming them up. Also included, however, are tales with bittersweet endings that poignantly recall how the island of Bali arbitrarily, and sometimes even violently, thrust into the so-called ‘modern world’. This is not a novel. This is a true record of actual historical events which should have been made available to a broader international reading public long ago.”  With those words in mind, we now invite you to join us on a special nineteenth centuries adventure tour conducted by a remarkable Danish man who lived in a very special place called Bali.

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